January 2001

I'm jumping up and down! We finally found a permanent home for Bingo, our lab/spaniel foster boy. We've been running a newspaper ad. Yesterday a woman called and said she'd "get back to me." Of course I didn't believe her because I have learned that they never call back when they say that. Well, she did call back, and she seemed really cool. I had a feeling she was going to take him, so I told her to meet me at the shelter instead of coming to my house. We usually have people meet the dogs here at the house because then it doesn't matter if they never show up (which unfortunately seems to happen a lot). Anyway, she met him and decided to take him in about 5 minutes. They filled out the paperwork and he was gone, just like that. It was really quick and I didn't have time to prepare myself!

I've had some more calls since then, and I was able to direct people to some dogs at the shelter and some in other foster homes. It was kinda freaky cos there were two or three dogs at the shelter that looked a lot like Bingo. So I referred some of the callers to them. Our shelter doesn't have a lot of dogs right now for some reason (but that's a good thing).

I felt really good when we first got there because one of the employees recognized Bingo right away and commented on how much better he looked. He was overweight when we got him two months ago and he used to get out of breath just trying to go up our stairs. But he's in really good shape now. He actually has a waist. =)