December 2003

"It's been a long while since I last e-mailed you about Luckie. I had you on my mind recently and thought I'd give you a little update. Luckie is doing great. She's in need of a hair-cut and bath, but she'll be getting it soon. She's starting to get a little chubby, but compared to how stick-thin she was when we first got her, it makes her seem like a cow. (lol) Hmm. Can't think of anything else to tell you. Well, about Luckie anyways. If you have any questions about her, let me know. I have enclosed a recent picture of her."

Thanks so much for writing! Wow, I can't believe it's two years since Lucky was here with us. She looks great. I've been threatening to have a little get-together at the dog park for all my former fosters and their new families, but I just never get around to it. Maybe this spring...

Do you ever go to the dog park in Frick Park? It's pretty nice, fully fenced, and the dogs love it. We go there pretty often. Not so much now that it's cold and yucky out. After a long break from fostering early this year, I got back into it again by taking TWO foster dogs at once (a boxer and a pit bull puppy). We placed them both, and now I have two more. Tell your folks I said hi, and give Lucky a special hug from me!

"You should definitely have a reunion of sorts. I've never been to any dog park. Luckie's kind of deprived when it comes to getting to actually go places. She goes on car rides a lot, but rarely gets out and runs about. The one time she did was about a month ago. We were picking up my friend, L, to come spend the weekend. Luckie wriggled her way out of the car and ran into her house. L herself has a dog, X, who looks like a big puffy white cloud. Luckie and X somewhat bonded for those brief minutes. Sadly, X passed away a few weeks back. I was attached to her myself, so when L told me, I broke down into tears. We'll miss her.

"Your current dogs are freakin' adorable. Candy is ¸ber cute! I want her! Too bad we can't adopt her. I don't think my parents would want that right now. =("

I wish you could adopt her too! I know it might be too soon, but if L's family is ready to think about getting another dog, maybe they'd be interested in Candy. (Hey, it couldn't hurt to ask!)

"Yeah, that is a nice idea. I don't think they want a dog right now though. L said something about them getting a kitty. Which is even better, I LOVE kitties!"


The dogs had fun in the snow this morning. A lot of it melted already. We got some video of them playing. I tried to take some pictures too but they didn't come out very well. Honey LOVES the snow. She's just an overgrown puppy.

"So i guess Candy will be setting a record. I don't think we ever had a foster who visited us 3 times."

Yeah, I think you're right. They were supposed to put an ad in the paper for her but I guess they never did. It seems like she's been here a long time but I think it will only be 2 months at Christmas.


I got a call from G at the shelter. She said she never placed an ad for Candy because she's been working on a home for her. Someone adopted a young dog from there recently and it started biting. She had gotten very attached to the dog but it was biting her and their 12 yr old dog. She finally made the decision to put the dog to sleep and I guess she hasn't been ready to jump into getting another one right away. They also recently lost a 14 yr old shepherd.

The weird thing is that she said the biting dog was almost a twin to Candy. She was very concerned about Candy's temperament (well, you would be after going through that) which is just kinda funny because, well, you've met Candy. I don't think you could get her to bite if you tried. And she's extremely submissive with the other dogs. (Okay, she did get into a fight with Echo once, but it was just that one time and you know how Echo is.) Anyway, the lady doesn't want to do anything right away cos she's not feeling up to it right now. But she is supposed to call me tonight or tomorrow and we can set up a time to meet. She sounded really nice. She definitely gets attached to her animals.