May 2003

I am sending out another plea for foster homes. Can ANYONE foster kittens. We are in desperate, desperate need of foster homes for immature kittens. I know I sent an email earlier this week but have had little or no response and we are still getting more in daily. Please consider helping out by offering a temporary home for some of these babies. If needed, I will supply a crate, food and litter in an effort to get these guys in foster homes.

For anyone who can or fosters dogs:

Nash is a 5 yr. old neutered Rott, very friendly and playful, scored an "A" on his behav. eval, knows commands but now has kennel cough. He needs a foster home so he can get healthy to be placed up for adoption. Can you help him???

Diamond is a 3 yr. old female Collie Mix, friendly and quite social who came in extremely emaciated. She needs a foster home so she gain weight and some general "TLC". Is anyone able to foster her???

Please contact me at your earliest convenience.

I guess I've taken a long enough break after Murray. =) (He's doing great in his new home, by the way!) I can help out with a dog or possibly with kittens (though I've never fostered cats before). I could foster either of the dogs as long as they get along w/my crew. We'll bring our dogs in this morning to meet the potential fosters. I love the "needs TLC" cases so I'm leaning towards Diamond, but I'll have to see what my "alpha bitch" thinks about that!

Thank you so much for offering. Diamond has gone out to foster, however, Nash is still needing a foster home. Did you come in this weekend to meet him? Please advise at your earliest convenience.


I did come to see Nash. He was apparently not feeling well (from the looks of his kennel). I asked around and a couple people mentioned that he was dominant w/other dogs, which rules him out as a good fit for our canine family.

If you have any more submissive dogs needing to go into foster in the next couple of weeks, let me know. We will be going away for a few days at the end of June (27-30) so it would be best to either do a short term thing soon, or just wait until the beginning of July.


I spoke with G about behavior issues and she said that she noted that that there was something saying he was dog aggressive however, her dog and Nash both shared an office together and there was no problem whatsoever. Either way we would want to have them meet in a neutral setting to make sure there are no aggression issues from either dog. But even at that, he would need to be kept isolated from your own animals as kennel cough is contagious. Are you able to isolate? Whatever you decide is ok :)....


My dogs don't do well with other dogs sharing their space unless the other dog totally submits to them. I don't want to take the chance with Nash, especially because he's a big, strong dog.

My dogs are vaccinated for kennel cough, so that wouldn't necessarily be an issue with future fosters. I have had a couple fosters with it in the past (not very bad cases, though) and mine didn't develop any symptoms. I do not have the facilities to isolate.