January 2004

This is a shameless plug for my foster girl, Honey. She is such an awesome dog that I don't really want to part with her, but this is not the right time for us to add another permanent dog.

Her stats:
3 yrs old, about 65-70 lbs, looks like a heavily built yellow lab. Healthy, active, *wonderful* with other animals (dogs and cats) and very affectionate. Crate trained (loves her crate) and pretty well housetrained. She had a rough start in life. She was tied up outside and ignored, and then ended up at a shelter, so she is very wary of strangers and takes a long time to warm up to new people. Not a hint of aggression, and she is very friendly and devoted to people she trusts.

Honey was extremely depressed at the shelter. It took her several weeks to really come out of her shell with me, but now she acts like a big goofy puppy. I can't stress enough how good she is with other dogs. I would love to find her a home with a patient owner and another dog to help her feel comfortable.


It looks like Honey found a home. They are in their 60s and retired. Their daughter lives there too. They have a 5 yr old GSD mix that they got from the HS as a pup. They also have 3 cats. They almost got another dog from the HS but it didn't like cats. Then they saw Honey's ad and thought she sounded perfect. She didn't seem turned off by her size or by her shyness. They have a fenced yard and 3 acres. So it sounds really good. It sounds like she spoils her animals. Two other people were interested in Honey but didn't leave contact info.

I told D we'd take Honey to their place tomorrow evening. She sounds very interested and it sounds like a perfect match, so I think they'll most likely adopt her. Depending on what time we meet them tomorrow, we might be able to go back past the HS and finalize the adoption right away. I'm kinda sad but, as usual, kinda relieved.