February 2004

So good to hear from you! We were just joking that after you got Dexx adopted you entered the witness protection program! He is fine, big and bratty, as you'll see in the picture . Oona declined the photo op, you'll find it's difficult to get all 3 to pose.

Your new puppy is darling! What's his name?? I hope it's not a disease related name. Everyone at work wanted me to change Dexx to Deuce or Trey since the other 2 are number names but I broke the series and added an x to Dex.

We went to Frick last weekend since the weather was ok. Dexx was being a bully so he had to wear the gentle leader in muzzle mode - how embarrassing! He was bullying all the bigger dogs, a Mastiff in particular. He's about 50 lbs now, I don't think he's going to be very big but he sure is cute. He and Oona are best friends but she rules the roost. He walks the chalk when she gets mad and starts laying into him. Sometimes he and Zero don't see eye to eye but they settle it - no blood or sutures involved. At the beginning Zero corrected Dexx all the time but they have come to an unwritten agreement now. Basically Dexx gets his own way where Zero is concerned!! Z's a big pushover.

Today we went to Misty Pines - we haven't been there in a while because of the lovely weather and Zero was convalescing after Luxating Patella Surgery (Grade 4). He still limps a little after too much exercise. The surgeon let Chuck watch the whole surgery. We were on pins and needles the whole time- he was under for a while and had ekg monitoring the whole time. I waited in the lobby since I'm not big on seeing blood even though I work ER hours at the vet.

It was wise to pay with a check - indisputable proof. I can't believe they make you pay when you have fostered out of your own pocket. We have been seeing alot of Pit and Pit mixes from the Humane Society lately at Met Vet.

Well, Dexx sends his love and eternal thanks that you saved him from certain death - Hope to meet soon if the weather improves.

Take care -
Tanya, Chuck, Zero, Oona, and last but definintely not least - DEXX!!

PS- Dexx's hair is thick and his skin is great - they eat natural food with flax and omega 3's and I give him 3v caps and vitamins -


Wow, he's gigantic! I showed Warren the picture and he didn't recognize him.

Our new pup is Finn (nope, not disease-related =) ). Brin and Echo are being very tolerant of the little guy. I wouldn't say they love him, but they have been reasonably patient and gentle with him. Echo almost played tug with him today, but she pulls too hard and he can't hold on!

We haven't been to Frick since fall. Our dogs just aren't interested in going out when it's cold like this. Finn gets so cold he shakes. Someone gave me a little red sweater for him. He looks silly but it really seems to help!

Sorry to hear that Dexx is a bit of a bully. Hey, I know that feeling. Echo has days at the park when she's great, and then there are the days when she just wants to maim something. Little fluffy dogs are her favorite targets. We've had some success with working on recalls and giving her really good treats when she comes when called, but it doesn't work if she's already making contact with the other dog. Sometimes we just have to leash her up and wait until the little dogs leave. She is very embarrassing. It's just noise, not actual biting, but the other dog owners get freaked out (understandably). Hopefully Dexx is still very friendly with people and only does the bully thing w/other dogs!

I hope Zero's knees aren't giving him too much trouble. My sister's cocker had both knees done and they don't seem to bother him much now.

The humane society did waive the adoption fee for Finn, but I paid for the classes.

That's awesome that Dexx's coat is in such good shape. You must be taking great care of him!

Well, the puppy is eating something so I better go. =)