About FosterDogs.com

FosterDogs is not a shelter, rescue group, or other organization. The site is written and maintained by Amy Romanofsky, a foster volunteer from central Pennsylvania. The purpose of the site is to provide information and support to volunteers, shelters, rescue groups, or anyone who is thinking about fostering dogs.

I do not have any dogs available for adoption.
Contact your local shelter or rescue group for adoptable dogs.

I do not have any dogs in need of foster homes.
Contact your local shelter or rescue group and tell them you would like to volunteer.

I do not "foster" (board) owned dogs, either for temporary housing or for eventual rehoming.

Looking for a temporary "foster home" for a dog that you own?

There is really no such thing as a foster home for a dog that already has an owner. There is not a network of selfless people out there just waiting to keep YOUR dog for you for free or "for the cost of food" until you (... move out of your no-pets apartment, get out of jail, move out of your parents' home, remodel your house, get a better job, are no longer homeless, etc.)

If you can't care for your dog but you intend to reclaim him, what you need is long term boarding, not a foster home. Due to the number of inquiries received, I can no longer respond to emails of this nature.

Permission To Reprint Material From This Site

All content on this site is written by Amy Romanofsky unless otherwise noted. Permission is granted to reprint material from this site for non-commercial/not-for-profit use (fostering handbooks, rescue group newsletters, etc.), as long as the material is not altered and is properly attributed to FosterDogs.com and/or Amy Romanofsky.

No additional permission is necessary for this use; however, I would appreciate an email letting me know how you have used the material and whether it has been helpful in your organization's efforts.

Thanks for fostering!